The Real Glam

Who is this new SUPER DUO, “The Real Glam“? Well… to answer your question, they aren’t your average “two female group”. Not only do they sing and write their own music but, they also Continue reading The Real Glam


Born Hustler Documentary

Yo Gotti released his eighth album, The Art of Hustle, last week (Feb. 19), but in this new documentary executive produced by Elliott Wilson and Danyel Smith, we take a look back at Gotti’s journey from a North Memphis hustler to the King of Memphis. Continue reading Born Hustler Documentary

” Tha Memphis Plug” launches its first episode

This Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016… “Tha Memphis Plug” launched its first episode online at hosted by “TableMannerzDjs”, & ” Meet The Djs” Continue reading ” Tha Memphis Plug” launches its first episode


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