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Born and raised in the streets of Memphis, TN... I developed a love for music from listening to some of Memphis' most legendary artists to come out of Memphis like " Yo Gotti" (@yogottikom), Grammy award winning, 3-6 Mafia ( Project Pat, Juicy J, Dj Paul,etc,), 8Ball & MJG... etc! We are also home to some of the hottest producers, dj's, rappers and r&b artists in the industry right now, such as: The King of Memphis (Gotti), Drumma Boy, Moneybagg Yo, Young Dolph, Blac Youngsta, K. Michelle, Justin Timberlake, OG Boo Dirty, iheartMemphis, DJ Lil Larry, Just to name a few... lol!!! I Love Music in general, especially trap music so just know you will always catch me bumping some Jeezy, Gotti, Future, Dolph, Moneybagg, or Doe B ... but don't get it twisted, I will still bust out with a song from Sam Smith or Adele from time to time... (only In the shower though, lol).

Lil Nas X Releases ‘MONTERO’ Album.

On Friday, September 17th, The Lithia Springs, GA native rapper/singer/songwriter–Montero Lamar Hill, known by his stage name Lil Nas X, released his debut album titled “Montero“. Despite the backlash, scrutiny , controversial statements and comments made by artists like DaBaby (who made a “homophobic comment on stage during his Rolling Loud concert set), Lil Boosie (Who’s been all over the internet, and social media–and even on an interview with The Breakfast Club), and other prominent spectators–Lil Nas X continues to be unapologetically, himself.

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Today In Hip Hop History: Remembering “Eazy E”

On this day, in 1995 (25 years ago), the late N.W.A. rap music star Eric “Eazy E” Wright was diagnosed with a deadly virus known as AIDS – in which he announced this diagnosis via his record label Ruthless Record. Due to the “so-called” complications from this infectious disease , Eazy E would pass away just ten days later, on March 26, 1995.

Born in Compton, California – Eric Lynn Wright, (his government name) – propelled and motivated West Coast rap and gangsta rap by leading the group N.W.A. and its label, Ruthless Records, which shed light to vulgar lyrical content of rap music – and life in the hood, at that time.

Following several legal issues and a life of crime before founding Ruthless in 1987, Eazy E would start a short solo career with frequent collabs with Ice Cube and Dr. Dre – which later became the group known as N.W.A.

nwa straight outta compton album cover

N.W.A’s debut studio album, Straight Outta Compton, released in 1988 and caused much controversy between themselves and the police, with their lyrical content – which also spoke of social injustice and police brutality during those times. The album is now ranked among the greatest and most influential albums. One famous song in particular – which became a favorable chant amongst the urban community during those times – was their infamous “Fuck The Police” record. Louisiana rapper, Lil Boosie would later release a single with the same title.

Written shortly after the group was harassed by the torrence Police Department, the lyrics protest police brutality and racial profiling and the song was ranked number 425 on rolling Stone’s list of 500 greatest Songs of All Time. This song would also, later, get them kicked off stage during a concert – where they were warned not to perform the controversial song.

nwa gets harassed by cops as depicted in movie straight outta compton

After the group released their third and final studio album , Niggaz4Life, in 1991, the group parted ways.

During one of the most famous stories of police brutality at the time, the Rodney King story – and the group’s splitting, there were many disputes over money. While Ice Cube and Dr. Dre went on to start solo careers, Eazy E was more focused on bitter revenge. He later released two EPs.

Although Eazy was getting the short end of the stick with his former group mates, he did significant work behind the scenes, signing and debuting the rap group Bone Thugs-N-harmony from 1993 to 1994.

Sadly, in 1995, he [Eric Wright] was suddenly hospitalized and diagnosed with AIDS, and died through complications of the disease.

Many people speculate that this was a murder dressed up by the government or CIA. As many celebrity deaths such as PAC & Biggie remain uncertain, the majority of the fans of their music are certain in their conspiracy theories against powerful black rappers and entertainers with a voice and backing. The stories of Eazy E’s and the group’s life were depicted in a 2015 film, titled “Straight Outta Compton” – starring: O’Shea Jackson Jr.

Today we celebrate the life of an icon and mogul!

I would like to turn my own problem into something good that will reach out to all my homeboys and their kin because I want to save [them] before it’s too late

Rest on Eazy E!

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Yung Berg flips out and Pistol Whips His Girlfriend

This past weekend – former Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star and Mr. “Sexy Can I”, Yung Berg – who is now known under his producer byname Hitmaka, is being accused of an alleged assault on his girlfriend. It was reported that he “pistol-whipped” her to the point, in which, it led to her being admitted into the hospital.

An LAPD report, which was obtained by The Blast, – states that the incident reportedly occurred sometime around 5:00 a.m., at a private residence in Los Angeles.

Young Berg and the woman reportedly got into a verbal dispute when he, [Berg] allegedly struck the victim upside her head multiple times, resulting in verifiable injuries,” according to The Blast’s report. She was reportedly taken to Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles on Saturday (March 14) where she was diagnosed with a “closed head injury, closed fracture of nasal bone, and facial laceration” that require stitches, according toThe Blast.

Hospital records have confirmed that her injuries stemmed from an “assault.” which were provided with evidence of graphic photos that allegedly reveal the injuries Berg’s girlfriend suffered. 

The LAPD has also reportedly classified the incident under “intimate partner violence.” The Blast added that the LAPD put an emergency protective order in place which prohibits Berg from coming within 100 yards of his alleged victim. Furthermore, he is reportedly banned from contacting her and cannot go near her home until the order is no longer effective on March 20.

Currently, it’s unclear whether the LAPD will arrest Hitmaka or bring him in for questioning. Thus far, the LAPD are in the midst of investigating the incident, according to The Blast., it is unclear if has been arrested and/or brought for questioning at this time.

Maybe he is still not over being let go from Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood following an arrest for allegedly physically assaulting his co-star and then-girlfriend, Masika Tucker, in 2014, per E! News.

Hitmaka [Yung Berg], nor any representatives from his team have released statements on the report at this time.

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Coronavirus — Prediction or Coincidence?

The Coronavirus

Wuhan-400, COVID-19, or Coronavirus? As most people are calling it whatever they feel, there are some who are calling it anything but, a coincidence. Since the 2019 outbreak, ‘COVID-19’ – which is the scientific term for the coronavirus – has created the largest global scare since SARS, Ebola, and even HIV/AIDS. Now being classified as a pandemic by WHO (World Health Organization), this rapidly spreading virus is causing havoc across parts of the world and on the entire U.S. economy as we speak.

-2013.76 –> The largest drop in points ever for the Dow Jones Industrial Average, was recorded on March 9, 2020, as fears rose over the spread of coronavirus. The second biggest drop (1,465 points) came just two days later. With concerns about a possible pandemic, an innumerable amount of stockholders are pulling out and the market is falling at an alarming rate.


In the 1981 novel “The Eyes of Darkness”, author Dean Koontz predicted the 2020 new coronavirus outbreak.

True or False?

What’s True

There is an image of a genuine page pulled out of Dean Koontz’s “The Eyes of Darkness” novel, containing the words “Wuhan-400.”

What’s False

I’m honestly, not sure what’s false – when it comes to this virus, besides the fact that the fictional biological weapon has little in common with the coronavirus outbreak of 2020 . It is, however, a big coincidence that this was even written in the first place, right?

Biological weapon or a major coincidence?

That is the million-dollar question at hand here. Although this book was released in 1981, the story has alarmed Koontz fans from around the world – as well as, conspiracy theorists. Everyone’s trying to get their hands on this book.

When readers came across the name “Wuhan-400”, used to describe this specific biological weapon in Dean Koontz’novel “The Eyes of Darkness”, we doubt that anyone had any assumption that the famous thriller author was “predicting” a real-world outbreak of COVID-19, coronavirus disease. But when the media issued press releases in February 2020, after such an outbreak had occurred, observant Koontz fans quickly took to social media – a genuine passage from the novel, with allegations of a prediction at hand, from the author.

Open book with passage circled detailing coronavirus prediction by Dean Koontz

This is a genuine page from the novel “The Eyes of Darkness.” The passage can be seen in Amazon’s preview of a mass market paperback edition of this novel that was released in December 2008.

Here are a few things this “prediction” gets wrong:

It’s true that Koontz named a fictional biological weapon “Wuhan-400” in this novel. It’s also true that Wuhan, China, is the city at the center of the 2020 coronavirus outbreak. However, that’s pretty much where the similarities end. 

  • In Koontz’s novel, “Wuhan-400” is a human-made weapon. The coronavirus, on the other hand, was not
  • In the novel, “Wuhan-400” has a 100% fatality rate. While researchers are still learning about the coronavirus, the current fatality rate sits at about 2%. 
  • The fictional “Wuhan-400” has an extremely quick incubation period of about four hours, compared to COVID-19 which has an incubation period between two and 14 days. 

But there’s more bad news for this prediction. 

While the page from Koontz’s novel displayed above is genuine, other iterations of this book used a different name for the fictional biological weapon. In fact, when we searched a 1981 edition of this book available via Google Books we found no references to “Wuhan.” In that edition, this biological weapon is called “Gorki-400” after the Russian city where it was created. 

We’re not fully sure when or why this change occurred. From what we can tell, the biological weapon was originally called “Gorki-400” when this book was published in 1981. But by 2008, the name had been changed to “Wuhan-400.”

Regardless of when “Wuhan-400” made its way into Koontz’ novel, this is not a prediction. Koontz did not claim that the events that took place in his novel would later come to fruition, and the similarities between “Wuhan-400” and COVID-19 are minimal. Furthermore, readers only noticed this “prediction” after an outbreak of coronavirus was reported in Wuhan, China, which makes this “prediction” nothing more than a coincidence. 

Let me know your thoughts on this subject below:

Lil Uzi Vert Drops ‘Eternal Atake’ [Deluxe Edition] ‘Luv Vs The World 2’

Lil Uzi Vert drops the official deluxe version – of his acclaimed sophomore album ‘Eternal Atake’, which released on March 06, 2020. After changing the date for the release, Lil Uzi’s fans waited anxiously all night – while some set their alarms for 8AM, in order to be the first to hear the highly anticipated project!

As you can see, the new EA Deluxe Edition/Luv vs The World 2 has 8 dope features that were gifted to the fans. He also pays tribute to Kobe Bryant in the song “Bean”.

Features include: Future, 21 Savage, Lil Durk, Young Thug, Gunna, Young Nudy, NAV, and Chief Keef.

View Cover Art and Track List

Track List:

  • Myron
  • Lotus
  • Bean (Kobe) feat. Chief Keef
  • Yesssirskii feat. 21 Savage
  • Wasp feat. Future
  • Strawberry Peels feat. Young Thug & Gunna
  • I Can Show You
  • Moon Relate
  • Come This Way
  • Trap This Way (This Way)
  • No Auto feat. Lil Durk
  • Money Spread feat. Young Nudy
  • Got the Guap feat. Young Thug
  • Leaders feat. NAV

I think this project is going to outbeat the coronavirus as it spreads across millions of social media accounts and entertainment blogs… lol l. No, but seriously. I hope you guys enjoy this as much I will.

Listen & Stream Lil Uzi Vert’s EA Deluxe Edition

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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Megan Thee Stallion Drops “SUGA” EP In The Midst of Label Dispute

On March 6th, 2020 — HOT GIRL MEG, while in the midst of a legal battle with her label 1501 Certified Entertainment, dropped a follow up EP to her debut mixtape Fever which released last year via 300 Ent  — May 17, 2019.

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Lil Uzi Vert – Eternal Atake [Album]

Eternal Atake is the second studio album by American rapper Lil Uzi Vert. It is his first project since his 2017 studio album Luv Is Rage 2. After being initially announced in 2018, the album was released on March 6, 2020 through Generation Now and Atlantic Records as a surprise release. The album was supported by the singles “Futsal Shuffle 2020” and “That Way”, which later appeared as the album’s bonus tracks. The album features a guest appearance from American singer Syd. ~ via Wiki

View Cover Art & Tracklist below


  • Baby Pluto
  • Lo Mein
  • Silly Watch
  • POP
  • You Better Move
  • Homecoming
  • I’m Sorry
  • Celebration Station
  • Bigger Than Life
  • Chrome Heart Tags
  • Bust Me
  • Prices
  • Urgency (Feat. Syd)
  • Venetia
  • Secure The Bag
  • P2
  • Futsal Shuffle 2020 – **BONUS TRACK**
  • That Way – ** BONUS TRACK **
Lil Uzi Vert Eternal Atake Album Cover
Listen & Stream Lil Uzi Vert’s – ‘Eternal Atake’

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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