Duke Deuce Memphis Massacre 2 Album

Duke Deuce Drops ‘Memphis Massacre 2’ [Album]

On Wednesday Feb. 19, 2020Memphis native rapper, and the city’s newly proclaimed “King of Crunk” Duke Deuce — has released another “head banger” album titled, “Memphis Massacre 2”   a sequel to his 2018 debut.

He has also released the “Crunk Ain’t Dead” (Remix) to the trending visual with over 10 million views on Youtube — featuring Lil Jon, and “Three 6 Mafia’s” Juicy J and DJ Paul.

The song was sampled and revived from Project Pat’s If You Ain’t From My Hood. If this record hasn’t gotten the attention of the entire south’s music scene, yet… what will? Deuce is forcefully making an entrance into the rap game, and he is not releasing the pressure anytime soon. He’s even gotten the northern region hip to the southern “crunk” styles of rap.

Heavy set male rapper Duke Deuce staring into camera

Duke Deuce, born (March 2, 1993) as Patavious Isom — grew up in the used to be called community, and my old stomping grounds of “Whitehaven” now called, “Blackhaven” (also the intro title on his debut album, Memphis Massacre) — which was heavily stamped in the early 90’s, back when Juicy J and Dj Paul were passing out their cassette tapes and breaking down barriers with their unique sounds. They were also the originators of “crunk music” (which came from the style dance of the 90’s — called “buck jumping”) — and you can certainly tell that Duke’s music and highly energetic “style dance”, is deeply rooted to Memphis’ early history of rap music. But it all started with his father, producer Duke Nitty (whom actually has production on the new project), — who taught him early on as a child, about music and how to make beats. So, he’s not new to the game. His father’s credits include projects by Gangsta Blac, Nasty Nardo, Dem Thugs and Mobb Lyfe.

I found out about Duke Deuce back in 2018, when i was a radio personality for a former online radio station, which happened to be in the same building as the studio he recorded in. His engineer “Yo” (SE Studios) or Mario, his real name — came in the room while I was on air, and kept saying “Mane, I got a dude in the studio right now who just signed with YRN and he gotta banger!”

two rappers Duke Deuce and Offset holding a stack of money and throwing finger signs
Duke Deuce signs to YRN

I brushed it off at first because, I was in my zone and then, he (Yo) came back in the room and insisted that I play his (Duece) — first, not yet heard of single, — “Whole Lotta”. Once I put the record on and heard that catchy and game-changing ad-lib… WHAT THA FUUUUUUUCK!!! and I couldn’t stop turning up to it after that. And… til this day I have not stopped playing it. SERIOUSLY!!! LOL

After his first hit singles, “Whole Lotta” and “Chosen” hit the streets and signing with Atlanta’s QC label, Duke was lighting the flame that soon, became a torch for his newly-found success.

Three goals and two men posing for a photo
After the single release party

Once he dropped his debut album Memphis Massacre” (solely produced by “Hitt Kidd“), the crunk juice had entered the city’s bloodstream. There’s even a sample of Yo Gotti’s “F*** Yo B****!” single from his 2003 album, “Life”. He has since then, dropped hit singles like “Grab A…” produced by grammy nominated producer/songwriter, Tay Keith — and “Yeh” which gave full exposure to his stylish and gangsta dance moves — that have both hit over 1 million plus views on Youtube.

I admire the fierce mentality that he (Duke) has garnered over the short amount of time that he’s been in the game, as well as, the homage he’s paying to artists who’ve paved the way for him. I know that this project will not be disappointing and will certainly raise more eyebrows. I can’t wait to see who he has featured on it.

View Cover Art & Stream ‘MM2’ Below

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Stay tuned for my Album review…

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