Havi From ATL


While most 16 year-olds are intent on obtaining their drivers license, Havi, short for Havier [who is featured in FRESH EMPIRE: The New Wave] , is focused on steering his career to the top of the Billboard charts. Signed to Grammy-nominated artist B.o.B’s No Genre label, the ambitious teenager is poised for career success.
Havi was born and raised on the east side of Atlanta where he took an interest in music at a young age by design and also default. He grew up submersed in the culture, which included having music business executives as mentors. As a result, Havi joined the marching band in 8th grade, although he wanted to participate in elementary school but the program was discontinued due to budget cuts. Despite the hurdle, the child prodigy rapidly worked his way up to be the section leader of the drum line. “Being in the band has helped with the production side,” explains Havi. “It’s also been key to me learning different ways to make music and with understanding tempo.” Proving to be a hardworking, focused and mature individual, the emerging rapper is parlaying these leadership qualities into creating a classic debut project.
Havi juggles a hectic schedule of schoolwork and studio time, but balances the two instinctively. Being a student serves as a constant source of inspiration for writing material, while band has sharpened his ear for discerning quality beats. “I feel like the lyrics have to be good but the beat has to be on point, too. I can see something when I hear a good beat; it speaks to me. I can paint a picture with words. It’s like art.”
Havi counts B.o.B and Ice Cube as influences for their versatility and storytelling abilities, traits that are found in his music as well. Much like his inspirations, the ingénue brings unpredictability and a cool factor to the game. This is best recognized on the hard-hitting single, “Metroboomin,” which is a tribute record to the multi-platinum producer who Havi intends to work with soon. In the meantime, the emerging star continues to record and prepare for his impending fame. Havi has already opened for B.o.B, worked with production outfit FKi and garnered features from Domani Harris (TI’s offspring), London Jae and label mate Jake Lambo.
A self-described “weirdo,” Havi is adamant about remaining true to himself and keeping positive vibes around him at all times. “I’ve been right next to B.o.B and have seen how far he’s come, which lets me know what’s possible for me. That energy keeps me pushing forward.” Havi isn’t your average teenager, artist or anything. The impact the rapper will have on popular culture remains to be seen, however if his track record is any indication of what’s to come, go ahead and memorize his name.

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FB: Havi Twitter: @trillhavi IG: @trillhavi

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