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Fresh Empire: Havi

Fresh Empire linked up with Complex to find 6 rising stars who grind tobacco-free to compete for your vote to be the leader of the New Wave.

Havi from East Atlanta, is one of those artists {Read Bio here} who has brought a whole new meaning to the words GRIND & AMBITION! He has proven to the world why he should be the leader of the NEW WAVE in this interview w/ FRESH EMPIRE and COMPLEX:

“What keeps me going is…. The Positivity!”~ HAVI


During the Round 1 cypher of the FRESH EMPIRE NEW WAVE competition, Havi delivers a freestyle that signifies his original style, diversity, and ability to switch it up when the tempo changes!

Fresh Empire: Round 1 {Cypher}


Havi goes hard by keeping it tobacco-free but, can he handle a jam session with surprise musicians??

FRESH EMPIRE Round 2 {Challenge}

Havi is currently standing at over 34k votes, ranking 3rd to Lil Key from Baltimore, who was also featured in Jermaine Dupree’s “Rap Game” Season 2, and NASAAN, a Detroit native. He needs our collective efforts in spreading the word to vote For Havi on social media in order to make it to round 3!

MkVote Here:

Fresh Empire Havi Vote
Vote For Havi

We hope to see Havi make it to NO. 1 but we hope more-so that he stays Tobacco-Free!

Connect with Cam:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/mrcamtakeova

Twitter: www.twitter.com/mrcamtakeova

IG: www.instagram.com/officialcamtakeova


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