Memphis Beef Finese2Tymes Young Dolph Beef

Finese2Tymes warns Dolph… “Ima Smack Da S*** Outta You!”

Earlier Monday afternoon June 5, 2017… Finese2Tymes, a Memphis native rapper & former #BGE #CMG affiliate, who hasn’t been out in the streets no more than eight months, and already causing much attention to himself through multiple beef videos since his release from the penitentiary, and creating tension between himself and other native rappers from the city, including newly signed CMG artist Moneybagg Yo!

Finese2tymes goes on a 30 minute rant inside of a bathroom as he faces one, about Memphis native rapper Young Dolph aka “Officer Dolph”… in his own words! He warns Dolph and harshly quotes…


The video was posted in response to Young Dolph having allegedly, indirectly telling a local Memphis DJ Dj Larry Live to tell Finese2tymes in short words…

Since he wants to make a diss song about me… IF HE WANNA SUCK SOME CMG D***… HE CAN!!!

Watch the video here:

According to the video, Finese2tymes says the beef between him and Dolph started when he [Finese] dropped his single “Allegations“, 2-3 days later, after Dolph released the internet breaking, club banger… “Play With Yo B****!”, a diss song in response to Yo Gotti or… “Ho Gotti!” as Dolph puts it!!!

………. “The single did hella numbers!”

He goes on to say that “Allegations” had nothing to do with Dolph, but was just a message to the city! I’ll let you decide for yourself on that one though!

Afterwhile, he responds, while waiving money he says made over the weekend, to the comments of those who watches him as he goes live, who have both positive & negative feedback on his actions and behavior towards the situation!

He finishes with saying “SEE ME LIKE A MANE!!!”

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