Blac Youngsta disses native Memphis rapper, Young Dolph in “Shake Sum” single.

In the first single “Shake Sum”, off his new mixtape “Young & Reckless”, which dropped on March 16th. 2016, — Youngsta sends direct shots at Memphis rapper Young Dolph, with multiple quotes in the first few bars, such as :

“How the F— you the king of Memphis, yeen from the city, you from Chicago?”

“Dolph you ain’t put in no work… you a H– on da low low!”

“Talking bout you da plug best friend… N—- you ain’t selling no work!

This is just a few quotes from Youngsta, along with some comical ones at the end of the song. He is a real character, I can tell you that. LOL! But… prior to the mixtape release, Blac Youngsta had already been sending threats and shots at the Memphis rapper. The incident stemmed from Young Dolph releasing his recent new album King of Memphis on the same date as Youngsta’s boss of CMG, Yo Gotti’s  Art of Hustle album release date. They both released December 19th. 2015.

A couple weeks back him (Youngsta) and his crew pulled up in Dolph’s neighborhood with plenty weapons and threat messages. While in Castalia (Dolph’s hood), they posted a video of themselves calling out the artist.

Video Footage Below:


Rumors of the CMG artist are already spreading, that he and his crew had something to do with Dolph’s van being shot up, but who knows, right? Hopefully it wasn’t true, and the beef between the two artists simmers down quietly before the situation escalates into something more serious than it already has. I hate to see two artists from the same city beefing over something as small as an album title.

On the other hand, overall, the mixtape isn’t too bad… well, in my opinion. You can check it out for yourself though. You can download it on the My Mixtapez  mobile app or at Live Mixtapes as well.

Front & Back Cover Photos:

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