The Real Glam Inspires Teen Trio

The Real Glam, Let's Dance The Tour, Media Takeout
Super Duo The Real Glam and Trio Taylor Girlz!

After an amazing performance in Miami during the “Let’s Dance The Tour!” new teen trio “The Taylor Girlz” couldn’t help but to snap it up with the hottest duo, and their biggest inspirations out right now, “The Real Glam!” Signed to the entertainment group PTE with CEO, Miami Mike, “The Real Glam” has become a true inspiration to the trio.

” All we wanna do is be an inspiration to other, younger artists — not only female groups but, male artists as well!”, says GLAM.

G.L.A.M., which means to “Grind Like A Millionaire!” still continues to stick with this Super Duo! And guess what? They’ll also be performing in their “home” city ATL tonight, March 6th, 2016.

ATL has shown so much support to The Real Glam, it’s crazy!!! They have really created an amazing rapport with their fans because they have been seeing their grind for quite some time now! From hustling their Mixtape in the streets, to interviews with radio stations, this group has done it all.

All I can say , is that I can’t wait until they perform tonight and really tear up the stage in Atlanta.

I don’t think y’all ready!!! Lol



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