Young Dolph Talks About Gotti…

Young Dolph a.k.a. Adolph talks with HOT 97fm about Memphis native rapper Yo Gotti texting him for 2 years straight, working with OT Genasis & more…

Memphis native Young Dolph recently released his new album called “King of Memphis” on January 23, 2016, and for an independent release, it’s received quite a bit of attention.

He talks about the rumors of him and Yo Gotti’s beef being over-stated. “Yo Gotti was one of the first one’s who wanted to do a”PRE” and “CMG” project”, Dolph said.

Later on he goes to say:

” It’s memphis bro, that town it’s… it’s too small.. nah mean? Whatever like, if anything if he wanted to do some.. I wanted to do some.. bruh it’s like.. let’s do it! ”

” It’s always been a artist out of memphis saying I’m the king of memphis.. I’m the king of memphis!! That’s why it den been so hard for other artist to pop out and take off… ”

” I named my cd King of Memphis, Not The King of Memphis!”

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