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The Real Glam

Who is this new SUPER DUO, “The Real Glam“? Well… to answer your question, they aren’t your average “two female group”. Not only do they sing and write their own music but, they also — do engineering, shoot their own videos, produce some of their own beats, do their own choreography, and even hustle their mixtapes throughout multiple cities!!! Not to mention, they are sexy as hell!!! — They really do live up to their acronym “G.L.A.M.”, which means “Grind Like A Millionaire”.

First half of R&B duo “The Real Glam”- Deshaun Glam (who is also the engineer for “The Real Glam”), started off as a solo artist. She stated in an interview with BE100 Radio,

” I started recording myself at the age of 11.”

Then, ALO asked her ” What was one of the first pieces of equipment you bought?”

Deshaun answered,

” Well… actually, I won a karaoke machine… and that’s because I entered the “Just For Me” contest, and I won throughout the state… and they sent me a lil karaoke machine, and the next thing, ever since then, I was singing.” She also stated, “My very first recorded song was called “Name & Numbers”.

Second half of R&B duo “The Real Glam”- Lele Glam (who was already in a duo before the two met) started recording at the age of 13. In an interview with BE100 Radio, ALO asked her “when did you start making music?”

Lele answered,

Well… my mom used to be into bands and stuff, so i got the inspiration of doing music at a young age, from looking at my mom.Then I actually started taking it serious at the age of 13, was the first time I recorded my uh… my first song. So… I wrote, I started off writing poems, then I started raps, and then it was singing with my mom and ever since then, I been taking it serious. I been performing in clubs since I was the age of 15, wasn’t even supposed to be in there.

The Duo group met while performing on the town, they clicked and immediately wanted to work together. They started off as a trio until one of the members left the group to pursue her own endeavors.

The duo officially signed with C.E.O. of PTE “CEO Miami Mike” back in 2014, and he is already taking them to new heights!!! He sees their potential, and he’s ready to put them to work.

You can listen and download their new mixtape “Hustle Up” <– here, with HIT singles like…

The real glam, hustle up, mixtape
The Real Glam- Hustle Up
  • “Feeling Myself” by GLAM, ft. (Dem Franchize Boyz) and
  • “Desire” by GLAM, ft. (Sammy Ghost)

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